Honeygain in 2020: Is it worth your time?

Passive income is currently a hot topic and the internet is filled with websites offering a way to earn some extra cash. One of these websites is Honeygain and the company has been around since 2019. How about earning with Honeygain in 2020?

If you are unfamiliar with this website, please read the short summary or else skip to my experience.

What is Honeygain and how does it work?

Honeygain is an app, which you install on your phone or computer and leave it running in the background. On their official website it is stated, that you earn money by sharing your internet connection. Your unused bandwidth is employed in fields like e-commerce and advertising by Honeygain’s clients.


How does it work?

I really don’t know. I read so many articles and forums to find this information, but there was no clear answer.

On their official blog, they write about what was achieved with Honeygain, like finding the best prices for comparison websites or making the web a more secure place.

One thing that I miss is the explanation of the process behind „sharing your internet connection.“ I don’t think that everyone understands this, and I believe that a simple illustration would make some concerned user feel more comfortable installing the app.

Here is an example from their official blog:

Honeygain review in 2020
Source: https://www.blog.honeygain.com/post/how-is-location-important-for-my-earnings


Honeygain review in 2020
This is the only explanation that kind of made sense: seeing how your company ranks in different countries. Source: https://www.blog.honeygain.com/post/why-users-earn-more-with-desktop-vs-android


Every answer I found on this topic is similar.

I understand what this app does, but I still don’t understand how it actually works. I’m not that tech savvy so maybe it is just my lack of knowledge. If you understand the process, please let me know in the comments.


Earning with Honeygain in 2020

You receive credits each time your connection is employed. For 10 MB of your connection, you will get one credit. To get your first cent visible in the dashboard you will need 10 credits, or 100 MB of used connection.

One dollar = 1000 Honeygain credits = 10 GB of shared connection.


What influences your earning potential?

The number of credits you get can vary from day to day, and it is difficult to predict how much money you can earn. Being online alone doesn’t mean that you will get credits. What impacts your earnings the most, is your location.

Other factors that Honeygain gives as examples are

– internet speed

– the number of different IP addresses your devices are connected to


If you are from the UK or the US, then you receive additional money for the time you allow your connection to be available for sharing. This feature is called Content Delivery.

They say this is a beta version an that this feature should become available in other countries too.

The Payout is 20 dollars and there is also a referral program. You get 10% of the daily earnings of your referrals.


My experience with Honeygain in 2020

Earning money just by installing an app is an appealing idea so I decided to give it a try. I did a quick search online just to make sure it wasn’t a total scam. Their website looks professional and I didn’t find any clear warning signs. So I though, why not?

I decided to install the Honeygain app only on my laptop and it is active since mid-August.

You can also install it on your phone, but please be aware that it can eat up your mobile data plan.

At the beginning I was a bit uncomfortable. I even covered my camera, because I didn’t understand the way my connection was used or how exactly the app worked.

This is my result after two months. Honeygain was active only on my laptop, and I use it pretty much every day. My laptop was on for about 3 hours a day.

Honeygain earnings

In two months I “earned” $0.10. These are the credits accumulated only from my one connected device. I didn’t share my referral link at this time and the Content Delivery feature isn’t active in my area.

As you can see from the screenshot, the number of traffic used is different every day.

So far, I haven’t noticed any suspicion activity on my laptop, and it didn’t slow it down.

What really bothered me is the lack of transparency. Reading the official blog I did get a feeling that Honeygain is aware of the security concerns people might have. Throughout the website they are reassuring you how safe this app is and how the web will become a more secure place with your help.

They also have an article titled „8 Things That Will Convince Your Friends to Install the Honeygain App“.

In that moment I thought, I shouldn’t be convincing people to install the app. I should trust the app enough to recommend it.

But this is only a notice if transparency matters to you.


Pros and cons


– Available worldwide

– You don’t have to spend time on the app to earn money

– The dashboard is easy to use

– The referral program can increase your earnings



– Company is a bit mysterious

– High payout rate considering that in some locations credits are accumulated very slow

– Earning potential depends significantly by location


Is it worth your time?

This question seems pointless at first, because you don’t need to spend time on the app. My earnings are pretty low compared to other users I found on Reddit. From what I could see, the monthly earnings can be anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars.

Some users could earn $20 in about a month. (Number of referrals is unknown.)

There is also a calculator on their website for estimating your earnings. To gather $6 a month, you need to share 2 GB every day.


As you can see from my example, in two months, I didn’t even get to 1 GB. This shows how location matters.

Honeygain’s clients value some countries more than others. Since the Content Delivery feature is only available in the UK and US for now, I assume these are the locations with higher earning potential.

Without the content delivery feature and referrals, this app can earn you anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars a month.

To increase your earning potential, you do need to invest some time finding referrals. I think this app pays off for people who have large online communities and can find referrals quickly.

In case you don’t have a blog or online community, you can still share your referral link through websites like Quora, Reddit or even Medium.

If you decided to sign up and would like me to do an update on how your earnings can potentially increase with referrals, you can do it through my referral link here.

This is clearly not an app for getting rich. It’s a passive way to earn some extra cash. So it is up to you to decide if this app is worth your time.



After two months of testing I didn’t have any negative experience with Honeygain, but it is still not an app I would recommend with full confidence. The lack of explanation on what it means to share your internet connection and how it is used bothers me a little bit.

I will test it for a bit longer because it’s a relatively new app and there is still room for growth. And maybe this whole process will become more straightforward in the future.

They also updated their FAQ and revealed from which countries they are operating, after a user asked „Who is Honeygain?“on their official subreddit. This information was previously unavailable. This gives me hope that they are listening to the users and will become less mysterious in the future.

People are concerned about privacy and online security now more than ever and I think that transparency should be the number one priority for every company.

If you don’t really care about it and just want to earn money then there is no reason not to try it. It works, and people are getting their payments. But please always do your own research beforehand.

Or simply wait a little bit more and see how Honeygain will evolve after 2020.

What are your thoughts on Honeygain after reading this review? Do you think it is safe? Do you have a personal experience you would like to share? Please let us know.







  • hey! i use honeygain too and i make around $25 a month (and i have payment proofs so thats cool lol i think that really means they are legit company), but this is maybe because i use CD feature and i have a lot of referrals, plus it is very locational 😀 about how it works – i also know what is writed in their website, but anyway it works for me so idc 😀 plus, they have a lot of coupons for new users to get first $5 boost, for example i used secret5.

    • Hi! Thanks for the input. I’m still testing the app and it would be really great if the CD feature became available in every country.

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