How to deal with dominant people in daily life

You probably stumbled upon someone in your daily life who is overconfident to the point where it makes you feel uncomfortable. This type of dominant people can sometimes come of as rude and hard to speak to.

If you’re a shy, sensitive or anxious person, you might end up experiencing a lot of distress in such scenarios. You may feel intimidated and find it hard to express yourself.  

There are a few approaches that can help you to deal with the feeling of inferiority. You can try these approaches when dealing with dominant people in daily life – when going out of their way isn’t an option.  


Use their dominating behavior against them

One method for dealing with dominant people is using the play-along approach. This means that if someone attempts to laugh about you or your shyness, you can use their dominant nature against them.

To do this, you should agree to their statement with a poker face. If the affirmation bothers you, you should never laugh or pretend to laugh about it.  If you do, you’re validating this kind of behavior and sending the wrong message to the dominant person.

Using a poker face  will work because it will be the exact opposite the dominant person expects.  Tackling their need to control the conversation will prevent them from continuing the joke or the discussion. In most cases, a dominant personality won’t realize that your introverted nature makes you feel hurt about specific behaviors.

Even though it might sound counter intuitive, ignoring a dominant individual can offer you a lot of peace of mind. Indeed, this is hard to master at first, but learning to let go can save you a lot of trouble. Besides, doing this might trigger a signal in your interlocutor, which in turn might make them less inclined to act dominantly around you. 


Become more assertive

An important trait of dominant people is that they can identify shy or anxious individuals. They feel drawn to such individuals, because somewhere deep down they know these are the sensitive personalities with which their dominant nature can succeed.

So, no matter if you’re shy or introverted, overcoming self-doubt can help you deal with a dominant colleague, dominant partner, or dominant friend. All you have to do is better your assertiveness and rediscover your worth. As soon as you become more confident, you will appear less vulnerable and shy.


Learn tolerance and tact

The best way to deal with dominant people is to practice tolerance. Focus on discovering why that person acts in a certain way and respond to everything with a lot of gratitude and empathy.

You will be surprised by how compelling this approach is. In most cases, dominant personalities feel the need to stand out since they feel like something is missing in their lives. So, be tactful and counteract their tendency to make you feel inferior by responding with compassion.


Change the topic

Another great way to deal with an overconfident personality is to change the topic of the conversation. This will temporarily prevent the dominant behavior from acting while giving you plenty of room to take charge of the conversation. 

The bottom line is that no matter if you’re an extrovert, an introvert, or only a shy person, there is always a way to counteract a dominant individual. The secret is to have patience and to show your interlocutor that despite your shyness, you can too lead a situation. 

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